Everything You Need to Know About Structured Settlements and How to Sell Them

What are structured settlements?

According to FundFirst Capital, structured settlements are a legally recognized method of compensating the victims of personal injury. This method of compensation is arrived at through an agreement between the victim and the defendant. For a victim to get this solution, they must first of all file a personal injury lawsuit against the defendant in a recognized court of law and win the case. The structured settlement provides the victim with a steady stream of money in form of payments that are made periodically. These payments are made by the defendant through purchasing an annuity for the victim. This financial product is issued by a reputable life insurance company. The purpose of a structured settlement is to provide the victim of personal injury with a long term source of income.

Here is how to sell your structured settlements

It is possible for you to sell your structured settlements. There are companies which are willing to make a bid and purchase them. If you want to receive a lump sum of money for your structured settlements instead of perodic payments, you can proceed to sell them. The process of making this sale is not complicated. The first step is to decide that you want to sell your structured settlements. If you truly believe that your reason for sale is legitimate and that you will not suffer future financial problems after the sale, then you can go ahead and sell them. After you do this, you should research to find a company that is willing to give the most attractive cash amount for your structured settlements. The company that you finally pick should be reputable and provide you with a representative. After this, you can begin the sale process by interacting with the company representative. The first element to complete is a collection of paperwork. There are some documents which you need to deal with. They include the policy of your annuity, your benefit letter, your application for benefit and your official identification documents. Your representative will work with you to acquire and verify these documents.

After you prepare your documents with the help of the company’s representative, you can submit them to a judge. The court will schedule an official hearing to grant or deny you the right to sell your structured settlements. On the day of your hearing, you are expected to present yourself in court and explain why you are selling the settlements. You should also show that the decision will not harm you or you family’s financial future. If your explanation is legitimate, the judge will approve the sale. They will sign an order indicating this decision. This order will be sent to the insurance company handling your structured settlements and the full amount will be wired to the company which is buying them. This company will then provide you with the amount that you agreed upon in the beginning of the process.

People sell their structured settlements for many reasons. They may need the lump sum of money to start a business, invest in stocks, pay for college education or finance a divorce. They also sell their settlements so as to pay for emergency medical services, pay their debts or buy a home.

How do you choose the right settlement company?

First of all, a settlement company is the organization that buys your structured settlements. There are a number of qualities to look for when picking one of these companies. Firstly, they should have a good reputation. You can verify this by looking them up in the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They should have an A+ rating according to this ratings agency. Secondly, they should have your best interests at heart. Instead of rushing you to sell your settlements, they should be ready and willing to work with you to figure out the best price you deserve for them. Their representative should be honest with you and always ready to answer your questions. They should also be ready to show up in court and face a judge if and when required. Last but not least, this company should be ready to honor your agreement and buy your settlements using its own cash. It should not be a middleman or broker. There are some well known companies that normally buy structured settlements. They include JG Wentworth, Olive Branch Funding and SenecaOne. Read on to learn more about them.

JG Wentworth

JG Wentworth is a company that offers diversified financial services. It offers financing solutions directly to their consumers through a variety of paths. These include buying structured settlements, lottery payments and providing them with prepaid cards.

Olive Branch Funding

This is a company that can pay you a lump sum of money for your structured settlements. By interacting with you one on one, they are able to develop a plan that works to fit your individual financial needs. Their representatives put your interests first.


This is a company that buys your structured settlements immediately. They can give you a cash offer for your settlements on the spot. Consulting with their representatives is completely free for you. They also offer cash advances to their consumers.


Today, you can sell your structured settlements. If you have an immediate need for a lump sum of money, selling your structured settlements is an effective solution. By partnering with a reputable, reliable settlements company, you can receive a good amount of money. This can help you to start your financial life afresh.